Work-from-Home Tech for Business

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, the CDC is encouraging business owners and employees to work from home when possible. While some companies have allowed workers to telecommute for years, many businesses now find themselves in uncharted waters. Fortunately technology can help keep your employees safe and your business productive.

How do employees access the network remotely?

Over the years, many employees have utilized technology to access their work computers remotely in order to work from home. However, long-term use of traditional, unsecured, remote-access methods puts business networks at risk of cyber attack. The best method of employee remote access is a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Why is a VPN a more secure way to work from home?

A VPN is a connection wherein all data on the network is encrypted. VPNs allow employees to access proprietary software and company files from anywhere with greatly reduced risk. Your IT department or IT management company can set up this secure access method and get your employees working from home without sacrificing cybersecurity.

Is it safe to work from home on a personal computer?

Employees that use a desktop computer at work may need to use a personal computer from home when establishing a remote connection. While a VPN is the best way to do this, any computers accessing the network also need to meet minimum standards for security. Employees’ personal computers need to be running a current, updated operating system such as Windows 10. Additionally, computers accessing the VPN need to have effective endpoint protect or anti-virus software. Good cybersecurity practices on home computers will help keep business networks safer during work from home.

Workers have been utilizing technology to telecommute for many years. Make sure your small business uses the right technology to keep your employees and business network safe while working remotely.

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Amy Watts

Amy Watts is a professional designer/artisan who knows more than she ever wanted to about owning an IT business. She sneaks craftsmanship and artistry into technology through web design.