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Small Business Computer Support Pricing

​What's Best for a Small Business Owner?

Technology is essential to today's business, and small business owners are faced with an important question:

Should I hire an in-house IT employee or work with a vendor?

​One Full-Time IT Employee


You pay for

  • ​Salary
  • Insurance
  • Benefits
  • Vacation Time
  • Office Space
  • Equipment
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Recruiting, Training & Admin Costs

​Proact Fully Managed IT


You receive

  • ​Predictable budget
  • Unlimited team knowledge
  • Unlimited support & labor
  • Security
  • Disaster recovery
  • 24x7 Service Desk
  • And more

based on 1 server & 20 users

​Additional Included Benefits of Managed IT Services

  • ​Access to the latest and greatest tools
  • ​Security/Anti-Virus Software
  • ​​Monitoring Applications
  • ​​Ticket Management System

Both options have advantages. What are your IT support needs?

Employee Advantages

  • Get help from the IT tech down the hall.
  • Familiarity with a full-time employee
  • Specialized familiarity with your IT network
  • Only escalate when your employee needs help

Managed IT Advantages

  • ​Lower cost and predictable budget
  • ​24/7 US-based Service Desk & Support
  • ​Up-to-date expertise of dozens of techs
  • ​Unlimited onsite and remote support

Both options also have challenges.

Which option is a better fit for your business?

  • ​Is an in-house IT tech worth the extra cost?​​​
  • Can we afford continual IT training for our employee?
  • What if our IT tech is out sick or on vacation?
  • What if there's an IT disaster?
  • What happens when our business grows?
  • Do we need a tech on site every day?
  • Will we still have control of our network?
  • Can we trust another company with our IT assets?

Let us take c​are of your IT

​Whether you have urgent problems to solve today or want to head off future IT problems, you need the right IT partner that provides reliable support, is close by, and can grow with your business long term. You need Proact IT Solutions.

With our flat monthly fee, you can stop worrying about hourly rates, labor billing, onsite travel fees, hidden charges, and unpredictable monthly bills. Let us take the IT burden off so you can focus on growing your business instead. We've got IT covered.

​What Our Clients Are Saying.​..

Proact IT Solutions has been our IT support group since September of 2017. They have helped us solve numerous problems left behind by our old IT provider. They are very affordable, and their service has been superb. Very quick to respond to any problem, even with fast-response on-site support when needed. I highly recommend Proact IT Solutions for your IT Support.

Garry B. , Mayor, City in West Georgia

It is such a reassurance in a fast-paced office to know that the team at Proact are a text or email away. They are quick to jump on any issues we have, and we're confident in their opinion and ability to keep our office running smoothly.

Lauren Barnes , Technology Administrator, Carrollton, GA

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