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Have you struggled to maintain your business technology on your own?

Do current events have you worried about your network security?

Is your IT department overwhelmed (or are you an overwhelmed tech?)

Proactive Managed IT Services & Consulting

Our staff of experts can fully manage your technology or supplement your existing IT department for far less than hiring a single IT employee.


Over 96% of the successful Ransomware attacks in 2019 were carried out on small- and medium-sized businesses. Our team has developed a multi-layer approach that covers white-listed patching, multi-factor authentication, AI-based advanced endpoint protection, threat detection, managed firewalls, and more. Want to learn more? Visit our Proact Shield site here.


​With 25 years of experience within various industry types and business sizes, we can create a scalable IT infrastructure customized for your business needs. We carefully assess your existing IT environment and plan for growth, as well as making recommendations to streamline company workflow and processes. We're business owners, too, and understand it's ultimately about getting the best return on investment for your technology budget.

Monitoring and Maintenance

​Proact Managed Services automates the process of cleaning, tuning, and patching of your computers, so what used to happen only when you called your tech due to a slow computer, now happens every night. Our top-of-the-line monitoring and maintenance service makes sure your computers are ready to go when you are.

​Remote Support

​With Proact Managed Services keeping your computers cleaned, tuned, and patched, you'll notice things run MUCH more smoothly. But in the event your staff needs help, the 40+ experts at our U.S.-based support desk are available at a moment's notice. We have a guaranteed response time to keep your employee productivity high.

​Security Awareness Training

​​Because 95% of all security breaches occur due to untrained staff, training is crucial. Our video-based security awareness training will give your employees the knowledge they need to keep your business technology assets secure. We also perform simulated phishing campaigns, so your employees will know how to prevent opening the door of your system to hackers.

​​Data Continuity

​​That's just ​a fancy way of saying we have your backups covered. We backup your data using industry-vetted, best-practice processes tailored to fit your business needs.  ​We know that downtime can cost just as much as a security breach, so with our multi-site, redundant backup methods, you can ​rest assured that we will have you back up and running within minutes of data loss. Even if your office is out of commission (fire, tornado, alien attack), we can have you​ back ​up and running in short order.


​Take control of your IT budget without breaking the bank. There's never a 'good' time to purchase new hardware, so we take care of the upfront and ongoing maintenance costs of your technology equipment, including upgrades and labor. It's all included--no surprises.

​Website Development & Design

​​A modern, optimized website is essential in today's business environment. Our in-house web development and design will give your business the online presence it needs at a cost you can afford. Custom logo design, image enhancement, and mobile-responsiveness will make your business shine.

​What Our Clients Are Saying.​..

Proact IT Solutions has been our IT support group since September of 2017. They have helped us solve numerous problems left behind by our old IT provider. They are very affordable, and their service has been superb. Very quick to respond to any problem, even with fast-response on-site support when needed. I highly recommend Proact IT Solutions for your IT Support.

Garry B. , Mayor, City in West Georgia

It is such a reassurance in a fast-paced office to know that the team at Proact are a text or email away. They are quick to jump on any issues we have, and we're confident in their opinion and ability to keep our office running smoothly.

Lauren Barnes , Technology Administrator, Carrollton, GA